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(If you are already in the United Kingdom, please also see our Immigration Rules section).

Help with your UK visa application (outside UK)

It won’t cost anything to see if we can help you. The initial assessment of your visa matter is free of any charges.

We can still help, even if you are not in the UK. There are many ways we can communicate with you, including Skype, Zoom, e-mail or telephone.

One-off consultation

A one-hour consultation is usually sufficient for us to:-

  • check eligibility, and
  • explain the immigration rules, and
  • advise on the supporting documents required, and
  • explain how to apply, and
  • answer any questions that you have.

After the consultation you will receive a detailed written summary of our advice.

Application check

We can check your completed visa application and supporting documents prior to submission.

Full preparation + legal representation

We can fully prepare the visa application for you. Our work will include:-

  • eligibility check, and
  • completing the online visa application form, and
  • checking, scanning and uploading all supporting documents, and
  • drafting a detailed legal letter in support of the application, and
  • acting as the legal representatives during the consideration process.