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Requirements for a Family (standard visitor) Visa

The applicant will need to fully satisfy the immigration rules.

To qualify for leave to enter the United Kingdom as a family (standard) visitor the applicant must be able to demonstrate that they will be visiting one or more of the following family members in the UK:

  • the applicant’s husband, wife, civil partner, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, grandson, granddaughter, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or first cousin (the son or daughter of uncle or aunt);
  • the mother, father, brother or sister of the applicant’s husband, wife or civil partner;
  • the husband, wife or civil partner of the applicant’s son or daughter;
  • the applicant’s stepfather, stepmother, step-daughter, step-son, step-brother or step-sister; and/or
  • a person who has lived with the applicant as an unmarried couple for at least 2 of the 3 years before the day when applying for entry clearance.

The applicant must be able to show that, during the course of the visit, they do not intend to:

  • take employment (paid or unpaid);
  • produce goods or provide services;
  • do a course of study;
  • marry or give notice of marriage (applies to civil partners as well);
  • receive private medical treatment.

The applicant must also be able to show that they:

  • are aged 18 years or over;
  • intend to visit the UK for a maximum of 6 months;
  • intend to leave the UK at the end of the visit;
  • have sufficient money to support and accommodate themselves without working and without receiving public funds or, alternatively, the applicant and any dependants will be supported and accommodated by relatives or friends;
  • can meet the cost of their return or onward journey; and
  • are not in transit to a country outside the 'Common Travel Area' of Ireland, the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

The above is only a summary of the essential requirements for a family (general visitor) visa. For more detailed information please visit the UK Border Agency website, or contact us for your free visa assessment.

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